South-Korean firm to build first wind power tower in PHL

South-Korean Odin Energy Co Limited, a renewable energy company, will be putting up the first wind power tower in the Philippines. Power towers are built to absorb wind as it passes through the center of a roof-level structural system for power generation and distribution to be installed atop buildings 10 floors or higher.

“The lower floor of the tower could be designed to use as a barangay health center, school, library or community center for the less privileged ones,” Odin Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Young-Mi Baek said.

National Power Corporation President and chief executive Gladys Cruz-Sta Rita. said construction will be this year. “We will start the construction in May, five to six months for construction.” First tower will possibly be built in one of five tentative areas: Polilio, Quezon; Lubang Island, Mindoro; and three other areas in Romblon.

She said such power source would be an advantage for hard-to-reach islands that were not connected to the main power grid since it uses a technology which is not dependent on fossil fuel. According to her, the tower can supply electricity at an ideal rate of PhP1.15 per kilowatt-hour, which we certainly find very promising.

Odin Energy Co Ltd will shoulder the cost, USD2 million, of first tower and will be a test for commercial viability.