Military elite forces hunting BIFF, Usman and his cohorts

The Armed Forces of the Philippines elite forces are now hunting terrorist Basit Usman with his foreign cohorts and their protector Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. “The fleeing terrorists and their BIFF coddlers have splintered into small groups but our combat boots on ground quickly adapted to their escape and evasion tactics by inserting our elite forces to relentlessly hunt them,” military spokesman Brigadier General Joselito Kakilala said Tuesday.

“We will not let them rest until they are cornered and captured. Fresh troops will be coming in from time to time to keep them away from seeking sanctuary in civilian communities,” BGen. Kakilala added.

“While close-quarter battles continue, our infantry were sealing possible escape routes of the enemy as our elite forces are penetrating the target areas,” the military spokesman added.