Philippine Army troops playing dead kill ASG sub-leader

Philippine Army troopers who pretended to be dead killed Juhurim Hussein, an Abu Sayyaf Group sub-leader, and wounded his two sons. The terror group planted an IED in Barangay Pansul, Patikul, Sulu and detonated it when a convoy of trucks from the 32nd Infantry Battalion passed.

After the explosion, government fought back resulting to minutes of gun battle. Thinking soldiers were all dead, the group of Juhurim Hussein went to the area of 32nd Infantry Battalion wanting to steal firearms. The military adds that his two sons were wounded for trying to recover his body.

Death of Juhurim Hussei was confirmed by his relatives in Jolo, Sulu. The ambush also resulted to the death of three soldiers. Six soldiers were also wounded.

The two-week old intensified offensive against the terror group killed 37 terrorists and wounded 78.