Significantly low fines for treason, rebellion must be multiplied by 200

Under the 85-year-old Philippine Revised Penal Code a person who committed treason will be penalized with PhP20,000. “Eighty years had inevitably dulled the edge of a once sharp measure. The penalties and fines for various crimes under the Revised Penal Code are no longer commensurate to the crime committed,” Senate President Franklin Drilon said.

In light of this, the Senate chief proposes to raise the penalty to PhP4,000,000. The Senate chief said penalties and fines in the Penal Code should be adjusted in today’s value “to make it more reflective of the present political, socioeconomic and cultural settings.”

If Senate Bill No. 2680 becomes a law, monetary fines will be raised by 200 times from their original value. Currently conspiracy and proposal to commit coup d’état, rebellion or insurrection have a maximum fine of PhP8,000.

“The PhP200 our elders had in their pockets back in the 1930s surely had higher value than the Php200 in our wallets today,” he explained. “If we are to curb criminality, we need to enforce tougher but fair, just and reasonable penalties and monetary fines.”