Government negotiators created a mess with Bangsamoro Basic Law: Congress needs to clean up

“We were actually kept in the dark, and now they give us this take-it-or-leave-it stance. This is demanding; they are the ones demanding,” Senator Chiz Escudero said. Congress will not simply rubber stamp the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law without sifting through its facts to resolve contentious issues, as what the Moro Islamic Liberation Front seems to fancy from the legislators, the senator noted.

Escudero said government negotiators did not do their job to make clear with MILF what Congress needs to do in as far as the negotiated draft agreement is concerned. He said that the negotiators should have been forthright about the limitations of their negotiating jurisdiction.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front negotiators and officials all this time believed that they were negotiating with the entire Philippine government including the judiciary, legislative and executive branches of government.

“Ito ba ang ipinaunawa sa kanila ng ating mga negotiators? Ni walang pumalag sa ating panel at sinabing hindi ganyan yan. Ngayon nakuha na lahat ng MILF ang gusto nila tungkol sa BBL kaya hindi na naming pwedeng baguhin?” the senator points out.

“It’s now up for Congress to clean up the mess our government negotiators have created,” Senator Escudero added.