First Airbus Military C-295 aircraft arriving this month

The Department of National Defense confirms that the first brand-new twin-turboprop tactical military transport Airbus Military C-295 aircraft will be arriving this month. “Our first C-295 will be arriving this March,” DND Undersecretary for Finance, Modernization and Materiel Fernando Manalo told the government-run news agency.

In early report, first unit of three C-295 will be delivered August 2015 and the second one will arrive by March of 2016. While the third aircraft is expected in September 2016. With the first unit delivered earlier, it can be expected that remaining two aircraft will also be delivered ahead of schedule.

These aircraft will be utilized for movement of troops and cargo transport.

“The Airbus Military C295 is a new generation, very robust and reliable, highly versatile tactical airlifter able to carry up to nine tonnes of payload or up to 71 personnel,” the manufacturer said.