VP Binay talks on PNoy’s harsh, selective justice: Wants Enrile, Arroyo on house arrest

“This is cold and callous,” Vice President Jejomar Binay describes the government prosecutors’ treatment on alleged plunderers former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. “It opens government to charges that it lacks compassion for the sick and elderly. It also reinforces the widely-held view of selective justice under the present administration and invites criticisms that political opponents are treated harshly.”

Senator Enrile who had been detained by the PNP in connection with the P-10 billion pork barrel scam was placed in hospital arrest due to his advanced age of 91 years and hypertension which was fluctuating. This step was strongly condemned by Vice President Jejomar Binoy for the cold and callous attitude by the government for its refusal of house arrest for Enrile.

The basic human compassion to treat a 91 year old Senator is lacked by the administration which could have placed Enrile in house arrest and ensure that the medical treatment for all the ailments are done at this advanced age, which was echoed by VP Binoy. The selective justice invites lot of criticism as it will be always etched that political opponents are harshly treated, always opens a charge on the government to be so in compassionate for the sick and elderly.

The ill gotten assets with a huge bank balance and a mansion in Manila, visit the following site above for what was all ordered to be seized, was the result of the pork barrel scam. The people were sick of the amount of corruption in bureaucracy, had the judicial system be harsh on person stealing over $10 million, the government would bring about more enforcement and reforms to improve the administration of justice. Being a stalwart of the opposition party led by VP Binoy the frail health Enrile subjected to the confinement of hospital has been heavily condemned by political leaders in the party which has lead to the war of words between conflicting interests with the government administration.

Senator Enrile’s “on-going bout with pneumonia shows the fragility of his physical state. House arrest for him would be the compassionate thing to do,” the Vice President said in a statement.

While former President Arroyo “is also of frail health. Her petition for house arrest is being opposed by government prosecutors and her case has barely moved in court. The fact that the former president is a political opponent should not deprive her of the compassion that should be extended to all detainees similarly situated, regardless of political affiliation,” Binay adds.

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