Come hell or high water, until the last breath: AFP will fight for West PHL Sea

Armed Forces of the Philippines Western Command (WESCOM) commander Vice Admiral Alexander Lopez told the deployed troops in Pag-asa Island, part of Kalayaan Group of Islands (Spratlys archipelago) in West Philippine Sea, that the island is part of the sovereign territory of Philippines. “That makes your duty here patriotic,” he said as quoted by Philippine media.

He added that he, as the commander, and his men will not abandon the territory “come hell or high water, it will remain as such. We will fight ‘til our last breath.”

Vice Admiral Lopez, on Wednesday, went to the island to head the celebration of WESCOM and EDSA revolution anniversaries.

“We’ve been praying that we would get new equipment, new hardware so we can sustain your presence here. What you’re doing is not easy. True to form, we are the defenders of this main frontier, not last frontier,” the WESCOM commander emphasized.