PHL sending home ‘national-security virus’ working in National Grid Corporation

Chinese experts helping in the operation of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines will soon be out to give way for all-Filipino operation of the firm responsible for distributing electricity in the country. Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla clarified that the Chinese-owned firm will still own 40 percent of NGCP.

State Grid of China has 40 percent stake on NGCP, two Filipino firms Monte Oro Grid Corp. and Calaca High Power Corp. both own 30 percent shares. Now that Filipinos are skilled to manage NGCP “it was agreed last year that the management and technical operation will be run by an all-Filipino team by July,” Petilla said.

It is believed that the decision to send home all Chinese experts is a matter of national security and to eliminate fears on any possible sabotage in country’s power industry. Two Chinese executives will remain in the country just to represent their company as board members.

Senator Miriam Santiago, over the weekend, said the country’s electric power industry is infected by a national-security virus, referring to Chinese government-owned State Grid of China.