SAF firearms returned by Moro rebels are ‘kinatay’

A senior government security official said firearms returned by Moro Islamic Liberation Front were tampered and their original parts were replaced, reports. Among the parts replaced were bolt and trigger mechanism, firing pin and spring.

Among the removed parts were optical sights, laser designators, aiming device at tactical lights. One 84th SAF company trooper said the firearms were ‘kinatay’.

“Where is good faith there?” the official asked. “These are serialized items and replacing them compromises the reliability of the gun. It can be dangerous in a firefight.”

Philippine National Police officially received 16 high powered firearms the MILF looted after the bloody Mamasapano SAF operation turned ‘massacre’. PNP OIC Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina said on Thursday, “we will double check the serial numbers and the completeness of parts of the surrendered arms.”