Bangsamoro peace movement to Richard Gomez: Go to Mindanao for war yourself

“If we still do not get what this ‘ugok’ was saying, we better shot our heads,” said Richard Gomez on his social networking page. He is pertaining to Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal’s statement to senate.

It can be remembered that Iqbal stated in his letter to Senate, MILF “will remain to be a revolutionary organization” until Bangsamoro Basic Law is passed.

In a separate post, Gomez wrote “some say dont share the video of the milf killing the SAF. I say share the video of the heartless killings of the rebels so the people will know what kind of people they are! Scrap the peace talks, scrap the BBL. Do what Pres Erap did, give them war!”

These statements from the actor prompted Bangsamoro National Movement for Peace and Development to call on Gomez to stop making such statements, GMA News reports.

“We are calling to you, brother Richard Gomez, to stop calling for all-out war,” Bangsamoro National Movement for Peace and Development head Agakhan Sharief said in Filipino. “But if you cannot stop, arm-up and go to Mindanao yourself, not those soldiers who do not want war.”