Daniel Orton fined for Pacquiao in PBA a joke-statement

Philippine Basketball Association imposes a P250,000 fine to Purefoods import Daniel Orton after issuing disrespectful statements to PBA referees and KIA’s playing head coach Manny Pacquiao.

“For issuing comments that are disparaging, disrespectful of and offensive to his host league, the game officials and a fellow player and head coach of a member-team, a penalty of P250,000 is hereby imposed on Mr. Orton,” PBA’s Chito Salud said in a statement.

“This insulting behavior will never be condoned by this league,” Salud adds.

Daniel Orton, after finishing the February 18 match against KIA with only 6 points, said “this game was seriously a joke. The way the game was going the refs made it into a mockery, seriously. They took the game that I know and love and made it into a mockery.”

He added that Pacquiao in professional basketball is a “joke, part of the joke I’m talking about. Professional boxer? Yeah. Congressman? Alright. But professional basketball player? Seriously? It’s a joke.”

KIA won the match against Purefoods with Pacquiao scoring his first point in professional basketball.