Iqbal gives two possible scenarios in case a ‘diluted BBL’ is passed

Mohagher Iqbal, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator said, during a press conference on February 18 during the return of Special Action Force’s firearms, the rebel group is ready to accept a watered down Bangsamoro Basic Law, however, problems in Mindanao will persist.

“What happens when the MILF accepts [a diluted BBL version]? The MILF will be no use and problems in Mindanao will continue because the solution, the supposed medicine given to the patient, was not given.”

Iqbal is saying that a diluted medicine will not completely heal an ill patient.

“The second option of the MILF, with due respect, MILF will reject the [diluted BBL].” He added that problems will arise if the rebel group chose this path. Other groups will have ‘moral ascendency’, they can say they are right in saying not to have talks with Philippine government.

However, Iqbal believes Philippine Congress will not pass a watered down BBL. “I do not suppose it would be watered down because I trust the collective wisdom of Congress to pass good legislation in the form of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.”

With the two possible scenarios Iqbal mentioned gives the Philippine Congress no choice but to pass a good and undiluted Bangsamoro Basic Law.