Senator Cayetano reveals ‘intimate relationship’ between Marwan and Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Link between Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Moro Islamic Liberation Front was revealed by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. The senator said that Marwan and the Moro rebel group had an ‘intimate relationship’. He added that he has documents and email exchanges that will prove the connection.

Cayetano said United States detailed email exchanges between Marwan and his brother. In the emails, the Malaysian terrorist asked his brother for money to purchase firearms. Marwan also confirmed his relationship with Moro Islamic Liberation Front commanders.

The senator added “this also continues to confirm that the Abu Sayyaf, the BIFF, and Moro Islamic Liberation Front – because some are relatives – continue to have links.”

Cayetano also calls on government peace panel, lawmakers and President Aquino to include common sense in the investigation. Will Marwan hide inside Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s lair if the link was gone?

He emphasized that he is for peace but he thinks the government must look for a group who could provide real peace.