Government forces defended police station from 80 NPA rebels

Joint efforts of Armed Forces of the Philippines – Eastern Mindanao Command and Philippine National Police defended Mati City Police Station in Davao Oriental from possible capture by around 80 New People’s Army rebels. “They gathered NPAs from other provinces to attack and disrupt the already peaceful lives of the people of Davao Oriental,” Eastern Mindanao Command chief Lt. Gen. Aurelio Baladad said.

Davao Oriental was declared insurgency free last 2013.

The attack happened around 7:30 pm yesterday. Approximately thirty cops defended the station from storming rebels. Only one cop was injured and one rebel died.

However, after successfully defending the police station pursuing troops of 104th Division Reconnaissance Company were hit by a landmine at Sitio Magay, Martin Marundan of the same city. Two soldiers were killed by the blast while five were injured. One of the injured later expired at the hospital.

Rebels used one elf truck with plate number RJW-626, two vans and five motorcycles during the attack.

“While we grieve for our casualties brought about by the continuous blatant violation of CARHIHL by the NPAs by using landmines and targeting also non-military persons. This will not stop us from pursuing them and preventing their anti-people atrocities,” Lt. Gen. Baladad said.