Mamasapano operation and Mamasapano ‘massacre’

Mamasapano Operation

“We at the military, at the eyes of an officer, if the mission was given to you, resources will be provided to accomplish the mission, latitude will be given to craft a plan for that mission and you will also execute. If you fail, if that mission fails, you cannot point finger,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said.

“This was included in our training and indoctrination. You should be man enough to accept the responsibility for that failure,” the Senator added.

The Senator is saying that the responsible for Mamasapano Special Action Force operation or the Oplan Exodus is the relieved PNP-SAF chief Director Getulio Napeñas Jr. who headed the planning and execution of the mission.

“I was the one handling and directing the operations,” Police Director Napeñas said to Senators during a probe.

However, Senator Miriam Santiago said “it’s not possible to pinpoint the blame for any single person for an operation of this nature.” She added it’s impossible to pinpoint who among the three – President Aquino, General Purisima, and General Napeñas – is responsible.

“I am naming President Aquino because I don’t think it serves public interest to fudge the issue – to never mention his name, like he was some sacred cow,” the lady senator noted.

Mamasapano Massacre

The incident was initially tagged as a ‘misencounter’ between government forces and Moro Islamic Liberation Front, however, when Mamasapano video clips emerged in social networking sites lawmakers and majority of Filipinos online say it was a massacre made by a still unknown group.

“The Mamasapano tragedy is clearly a massacre, and not a misencounter,” Senator Chiz Escudero said. “Stop calling the Mamasapano tragedy a misencounter, as it is now clear that it was a massacre as revealed by the gruesome video showing how the SAF officers were brutally executed by armed men.”

“I strongly challenge the sincerity and intent of the MILF: identify and surrender your men before the bar of justice. This is part of your commitment to the peace agreement,” Escudero added.