Mayor Duterte: Take the full responsibility President Aquino

“I do not want to offend the President but somebody has to tell him that he has to stop this blame game by taking full responsibility for what happened in Mamasapano,” Davao City Mayor Duterte said in a statement in Dumaguete City, February 12.

“As Mayor of Davao City, for example, I take full responsibility for whatever happens in an operation which I order to be implemented,” the Mayor added. Duterte visited two educational institutions in the city advocating for federalism in the country.

Also yesterday, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago called on President Aquino to do the same. “I am naming President Aquino because I don’t think it serves public interest to fudge the issue – to never mention his name, like he was some sacred cow. I don’t think he needs my protection. He can stand for himself.”

“The defense being raised is that the operation has been kept secret except among three people: President Aquino, General Purisima and General Napeñas,” the lady senator explained. “So, in effect, all must assume responsibility for the failure, in fact not only failure, but the massacre that took place.”

President Aquino said in his February 6 address to nation “as President and Commander-in-Chief, I am fully responsible for any result—any triumph, any suffering, and any tragedy—that may result from our desire for lasting peace and security.”