Senator Santiago meets General Purisima in Senate

“I humbly call to your attention. In jurisprudence, you overstepped your limits, you’re on preventive suspension,” Senator Miriam Santiago said to resigned Philippine National Police Chief Director General Alan Purisima during today’s Senate hearing.

The senator added that if Purisima did not interfere in the operation forty-four Special Action Force troopers are possibly still alive. She also asked why did Purisima kept talking instead of just resting in his property in Nueva Ecija.

“You’re under preventive suspension, and yet you’re still dipping your finger in the pie. You’re participating in none of your business at that time, your preventively suspended remember?”

“Either you are President Aquino? Who was responsible above the level of the SAF commander?”

Director General Purisima tried to explain what he gave was only an advice, not an order. He also took all the responsibility for the Mamasapano operation. “That’s why, your honor, I am held accountable for the operation that’s why I resigned your honor.”