Very rich, popular man orchestrating coup d’etat

On today’s Senate hearing regarding the Mamasapano Special Action Force Operation, it was revealed that a popular and “very rich man” is orchestrating a coup d’etat against President Aquino’s administration.

“I have intelligence as of yesterday that leaders of certain alphabet soup acronyms who are familiar with the public had a recent meeting, because they wanted to discuss how to stage a coup d’etat, who should be installed as president, and even their contributors were there,” Senator Miriam Santiago said.

“No matter how bitterly I criticize President Aquino, I am a lawyer and I still remain standing behind the rule of law,” Santiago explained. “If he should leave his office, let him leave at a proper time but not by extralegal means.”

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said coming Intel still needs verification, however, “as far as coup d’etat is concerned, it will entail the support of the military and we are very confident that the military will not be involved in this coup d’etat.”