AFP, Senators express strong condemnation on gruesome, horrible killing of SAF trooper

Armed Forces of the Philippines and Senators of the Republic, in different media interviews, have expressed strong condemnations over the killing of Special Action Force trooper shown in a viral video. In the video, a Moro rebel shot to death a wounded, lying SAF trooper in the midst of a corn field.

“It is very disturbing to say the least. It is clear proof of the brutal execution of the police officers that fateful day of Jan. 25,” AFP spokesperson Col. Restituto Padilla said. “We appeal to the public to be circumspect and respect the grieving families whose feelings we should be mindful of.”

“We strongly condemn the gruesome killing and barbaric atrocities done to our Special Action Force members in Mamasapano, Maguindanao,” Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV said. “In the strongest possible terms, we call on the MILF to surrender the combatants and submit them to the appropriate processes of our justice system.”

“It is such a gruesome, horrible piece of video that I still cannot process it,” Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said.

“This really enraged me because you can see the SAF man was still alive,” Senator Joseph Victor ‘JV’ Ejercito said.