If SAF troopers were executed: President Aquino made a statement on this

“I am confident that you will help us in seeking justice; that those who have done wrong should be held to account,” President Aquino said addressing the Moro Islamic Liberation Front during his February 6 address to nation. “Especially if it is confirmed that there were SAF troopers who were executed despite being wounded and defenseless.”

“I have considered you brothers on the path to peace,” the President noted.

The President made the statement when confirmation that some of SAF troopers were shot at close range is yet to be made. However, today, it was confirmed that at least three troopers were shot at a very close range. First two was confirmed by PNP OIC Espina and the third was confirmed through the video that went viral.

“I saw the video. I can also identify the person in the video. Yes sir, he is a trooper assigned to the 55th Special Action Company,” Police Superintendent Reynald Ariño, CO of the Fifth Special Action Battalion confirmed in the House of Representatives.

However, the group who did the close range executions is yet to be determined.