PNP Generals burst into tears in the House of Representatives

Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina burst into tears after he was given five minutes to make a statement after the legality of Mamasapano operation was questioned . He is asking for clear answers from the other party of the peace process which is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The PNP OIC said he received initial medico-legal report last night. “My men, I tell you, they are still alive. You did not let them go home to be with their families.”

“I was not able to sleep last night after I received the medico-legal report. [Senior Inspectors] Tayrus, Pabalinas did not suffer any lethal shots. They only sustained gun shot wound on their feet.

“How did they die? First was shot on head while he was still alive. The other one, his bullet proof was removed then was shot on his body.”

“What is this overkill that you did to my men?”

“I seek answers for my men so that when my time comes and I have to face them, at least I can say something,” Espina added.

“We are asking if the operation is legal? Then you will blame coordination to justify the killing of my men?”

Relieved PNP SAF chief Director Napenas, who was also in heavy tears, then approached Espina to give a quick hug and pat. Both Napenas and Espina are yet to see the video that went viral yesterday, February 10.