Commanding officer confirms man shot on video a SAF trooper

Police Superintendent Reynald Ariño, Commanding officer of the Fifth Special Action Battalion confirmed, during the House of Representatives joint-committee hearing regarding the Mamasapano SAF operation, the man shot in the video is a SAF trooper. However, the video was not played during the hearing at the lower house today after several objections were raised.

“I saw the video. I can also identify the person in the video. Yes sir, he is a trooper assigned to the 55th Special Action Company,” Ariño told lawmakers.

55th SAF Company served as a blocking force for the main effort, 84th Special Action Company also known as Seaborne. 55th has 36 troopers but only one survived.

The video which was in question went viral February 10 on social networking sites. It shows one Moro rebel shooting a still alive lying trooper to death.