This is the Republic of the Philippines, not the Republic of Moro Islamic Liberation Front

“This is the Republic of the Philippines, not the Republic of MILF. So the timelines are set by this committee and that is why I feel that for MILF Chair [Iqbal] to come when they deem it convenient for them is already a disrespect for this committee,” as manifested by Senator Pia S. Cayetano during the February 10 Senate joint-committee hearing regarding the Mamasapano SAF operation.

The MILF said it will only appear at Senate after it finished its own investigation and wants an executive session with the lawmakers.

The lady Senator added that it is wrong to say after the Mamasapano incident that killed forty-four SAF troopers, what matters most is the signing of Bangsamoro Basic Law.

“I have so much respect for those who have spent their time on this peace process – the process – yes. But also respect what has happened today. What has happened in the last 15 days. We’re basically saying that, ‘None of these things matter except the signing of the BBL.’ That is the message that many of us hear, that many of those in the public hear. And that is not the right message.

“Yes, peace should be pursued at all cost. But what will the process be?” Senator Pia Cayetano said.