Moro Islamic Liberation Front remains revolutionary until BBL

“The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a revolutionary organization. While we may have signed a peace agreement with the Philippine Government after 18 years of intermittent war and negotiations, that peace agreement has yet to be implemented. Until the peace agreement is fully implemented, we will remain to be a revolutionary organization,” Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal said in a written letter to Senate committee conducting the inquiry on Mamasapano Special Action Force operation.

The statement form Iqbal caught the attention of Senator Bongbong Marcos. “During our very first hearing [on Bangsamoro Basic Law], we were already told that the process of decommissioning had begun. But this is not consistent with that. I want to know what basis we are talking here. Can we now assume that we are still at war?”

“Is it Iqbal’s understanding that we are still at war with MILF until the Bangsamoro government is established, peace pact implemented?

“This is an alarming development that we have returned to war,” Marcos noted.

However, the representative of MILF Rashid Ladiasan to read the letter is not in the position to answer questions raised by Senator Marcos. A reason seen by Senator Grace Poe that Iqbal should really attend the hearing.

Iqbal said in his letter that he will appear at Senate after MILF finished its own investigation.