250 Moro rebels killed, Napeñas accounts

“And yes, madams and sirs, you heard it right. Not less than 250 casualties on the side of the combined forces of the MILF, BIFF and other private armed groups,” relieved Philippine National Police Special Action Force chief Police Director Getulio Pascual Napeñas said during the Senate inquiry.

Napeñas said he is basing his estimate on the testimonies of the overall commander Police Superintendent Raymond Train of the assault force and the lone survivor in 55th SAF company PO2 Christopher Lalan.

“According to Train, it is also safe to say that the entire Assault Force, the 84th Company, was able to shoot down at least 150 of the enemies,” the relieved SAF chief said. While Lalan told him the 55th SAF company at least took down 100 rebels.

He added that Police Superintendent Train alone shot down at least 25 attackers. Napeñas also noted that this does not include fighters that other companies may have taken down.

“They know what they are doing and know what to do in times of adversity and hostility. Had it been otherwise, the combined forces of the MILF, BIFF, and other private armed groups would have not suffered at least 250 casualties in the midst of the firefight that took place almost the entire day,” he explained.