Militants seek justice for 44 Heroes, want Aquino resign

“On his 55th birthday, the only wish the Filipino youth have for Mr. Birthday boy Aquino is for him to resign. The Filipino youth had enough of his US puppet, anti-people, and corrupt regime,” Anakbayan chair Vencer Crisostomo said today. Today, President Benigno Aquino III is celebrating his 55th birthday. Militants have gathered in Mendiola to call for Aquino’s resignation.

“At 55, Aquino is old enough to know that he is responsible for the Mamasapano encounter. He was there [at] the command center when the encounter happened, yet he continues to dodge accountability for the [Mamasapano operation],” Crisostomo added.

Senator Trillanes earlier warned for this kind of activities that will call for Aquino’s resignation. “Why will they want to remove the President – There are people who are making the fire bigger. They want to divert the issue, take advantage of the situation to be in power immediately. We must be discerning.”

The Senator added, “where you can find communists calling for justice of killed government forces, eh kung ambushin nila ang SAF, ganun din lang.”