Moro Islamic Liberation Front to Aquino: We will cooperate but coordinate first

“We will help on the aspect [of capturing Basit Usman] but we need to talk it over. The mechanism provides that we should work together. The government can also carry out their own operation provided it is coordinated with us,” Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohaqher Iqbal told Inqurer on Saturday, in response to the President Aquino’s address to nation last Friday.

Aquino told the MILF “we are partners in pursuing peace and justice. To those who have lost their way, who would still stand in our way, remember this: You are fighting the State, and we will run you over.”

“If he [Usman] remains within your territory, or is protected by one of your members, we expect you to surrender him to the authorities. If not, we expect you to do everything you can to help capture him. And if even this is not possible, do not interfere with our pursuit of Usman,” the President said in his Friday address to nation, second after the Mamasapano incident.