US, PHL Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams detonate WW2 bomb

United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team has assisted their counterparts from the Philippine Navy Special Operations Group, Philippine Army Support Command and Philippine National Police in disposing a 500 lb. World War II-era U.S. bomb, the US Embassy in Manila said. The vintage bomb was discovered last year while construction crew are digging for the foundation of a school in Butuan City.

At the request of PNP, Philippine Navy and Army, U.S. Navy EOD two-men team was deployed by Joint US Military Advisory Group to determine the appropriate course of action to dispose of the bomb.

The team then concluded that the 500 lb. vintage bomb “was armed and could pose a danger to the local community if not properly disposed.”

“[The safe detonation] of this WWII remnant, was a huge success for Butuan City and the Philippines as a whole. Our EOD counterparts were able to protect personnel and property by eliminating an explosive hazard. It’s the quintessence of the EOD mission and our partnership,” JUSMAG EOD Liaison Officer, Lieutant Jason Cocca said.