President Aquino to address the nation today, 6:30 pm

Republic of the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III will is scheduled to address the nation for the second time after the bloody Mamasapano Special Action Force operation against Zulkifli Abdul bin Hir alias Marwan tagged as the Osama bin Laden of Southeast Asia. The mission was accomplished, however, forty-four elite cops were killed in action.

During the January 28 address Aquino said “in the briefings the PNP gave me about the continuing operations against Marwan and Usman, I repeated countless times the need for proper, sufficient, and timely coordination.”

“To my repeated reminders about the necessity of coordination, the director of the SAF answered, “Yes Sir.” All that he said was that operational security, or the restriction of information only to those who needed to know, was likewise necessary. Even then, I underscored the need to alert other branches, or their respective heads; the notification must come at the appropriate time, with complete information, for them to make the necessary preparations,” the President said talking in Filipino.

“I am hopeful that the MILF will show, in the soonest possible time, even more concrete evidence of their solidarity in the pursuit of peace, towards the pursuit of truth, and the accountability of those responsible,” Aquino said.