Relieved elite cops chief: Mamasapano operations started April 2014

Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines have been coordinating for the arrest of Marwan and Usman in Mamasapano, Maguindanao since April 2014, however, relieved SAF Chief Police Director Getulio Napeñas Jr. said number of operations from that date were aborted due to several reasons.

Police Director Napeñas said these operations were approved by suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima until the PNP chief was suspended in December 2014. In November 29, Purisima gave Napeñas information on the exact location of Marwan and Usman in Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao and ordered to coordinate an operation.

He added that he did not inform Secretary Mar Roxas and President Aquino about the January 25, 20014 operation because it will break the chain of command.

The relieved SAF chief also informed PNP OIC Leonardo Espina about the operation when SAF troopers arrived at the operation site as advised by suspended PNP chief.

He also admitted that during the planning they already knew of the possibility of being caught in heavy fire with Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters. This is the reason why they place several blocking force for the main force 84th Seaborne Team.

He added that 300 plus troopers did many attempts to penetrate and help their comrades engaged in heavy gun fight.

Amid the fact that forty-four SAF troopers died in the operation, he said the mission was successful because Marwan, who was a threat to lives of many Filipinos was neutralized. “Puriin natin ang mga namatay – sila ang nag-assure na hindi tayo manganganib basta-basta.”

Napeñas decided to speak in a press conference to give balance on stories being reported.