Lawmaker proposes: Put Bilibid under Armed Force of the Philippines

After several lawlessness inside the New Bilibid Prison were uncovered, a lawmaker is proposing to President Benigno Aquino III to put the penitentiary’s management and administration to the Armed Force of the Philippines. “The 1987 Constitution designated the President, as the commander-in-chief of all armed forces of the country, and whenever it becomes necessary, to call out such armed forces to prevent lawless violence, invasion or rebellion,” Caloocan City Representative Edgar Erice said in a statement.

“This worsening situation is caused by rampant anomalies ranging from the prisoners’ smuggling of firearms and explosives, prostitution workers, communication gadgets, signal boosters, scanning and jamming devices, alcoholic drinks, domesticated animals including fighting cocks, and manufacturing of illegal drugs inside the prison premises,” Erice added.

Currently NBP is under the supervision of Bureau of Corrections. In his proposal, the AFP may return the management of NBP to BuCor when illegalities were stopped, the bureau is cleared of corruption and reforms have been made.