Abu Sayyaf camp falls early this morning in Patikul, Sulu

Government forces part of Joint Task Group Sulu takes over an Abu Sayyaf Group camp at Barangay Langhub, Patikul town, Sulu on Monday morning. According to Ensign Chester Ian Ramos of Joint Task Force ZAMBASULTA (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi), the camp has forty-two structures that can over-all accommodate at least a hundred rebels.

The government forces recovered empty shells of 57mm recoilless rifle shells, M-60 light machine guns, M-203 grenade launchers, M-14 rifles and M-16 automatic weapons from the said camp. They also recovered communication equipment, solar panel and battle uniforms.

Capture of the camp was a result of an operation following an encounter yesterday with a group of at least sixty rebels. Government troopers were on a law enforcement activity when the clash happened. One soldier was killed while four others were wounded. Number of rebels died and wounded was undetermined.