‘Mike One, bingo’: This is for the country

“Mike One, bingo,” this is the message of operating troops of Special Action Force to their Tactical Command Post to confirm the death of Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir, also known as Marwan, as told by Chief Supt, Noli Taliño, officer-in-charge for PNP-SAF. “A joyful moment was felt knowing that the mission was accomplished. And I clearly heard Police Director Getulio Napeñas, ‘This is for all of you’ meaning ‘For the country’.”

However, after a mission was accomplished, breaking of dawn came and they were trapped with Moro rebels from different factions. “The support elements could not get in because 55th SAC was practically surrounded. We did send the reinforcements from different approaches, but could not penetrate the bulk of the enemy until about 1 p.m..”

“There was radio silence, very long silence,” Taliño noted. “I realized, that that voice will never be heard again. And I know that voice belonged to Ryan, or Senior Insp. Ryan Pabalinas.”

“Is it worth it? One international terrorist, equivalent to 44 SAF troopers? I am sure, if you will ask them, it is worth it,” Chief Supt. Taliño said.

Unable to carry the body of Marwan, SAF troopers took a photo of his dead body and cut off a finger to be sent to United States as biological sample for DNA verification.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation is now analyzing the biological sample. “It is routine for the FBI to process biometric information that may positively identify a subject and his or her whereabouts,” FBI spokesman Josh Campbell said as quoted by Reuters.