Chinese paper: PHL acting like a crying baby begging for support

“Only one month after an arbitration farce, the Philippines is putting up another pathetic show in an attempt to lobby international sympathy and support in its territorial spat with China,” Chinese state-run news agency, Xinhua said in a commentary today.

“Manila should be fully aware that acting like a crying baby and begging for compassion from the international community would never help justify its claims in the South China Sea dispute, which should and could be properly handled only by the parties directly concerned,” it added.

This commentary came out after Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, while in a ministerial meeting in Kota Kinabalu, called on ASEAN partners to take a stand on China’s massive reclamation in South China Sea.

“Now is the time for ASEAN to come together,” said Del Rosario on January 28. “Our inaction on this would undermine the principle of centrality, since we are unable to address in a collective and unified manner such a critical issue in our own backyard.”