Supreme Court justice says PHL should arm up, buy warships to protect sovereignty

Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who earlier said that China’s claims in West Philippine Sea are based on historical lies now says Philippines should arm up. “Clearly there is nothing ‘historical’ or ‘right’ about China’s nine-dashed line claim. The nine-dashed line claim is based not on historical facts but on historical lies,” Carpio said in his 63-page presentation last year.

On Thursday evening, January 29 edition of GMA Network’s 24 Oras, Carpio said in a report “many nations have disappeared from the map because they did not have credible self-defense force.”

“Everybody will have to arm, everybody will have to buy warships because that’s the only way you could protect yourself. [If] there is no more rule of law. It will be a catastrophe,” the magistrate added. “There is no instant gratification here. This is a long-time struggle – an inter-generational struggle. It will be your children, your children’s children that will be fighting this.”

The Department of National Defense is on the later stage of acquiring two brand new frigates for Philippine Navy, however, this acquisition may not be enough.