Australian government donating two Landing Craft Heavy vessels to PHL Navy

The Australian Government will turnover two recently-decommissioned Landing Craft Heavy vessels as gift to Philippines. The gift will include a package of spare parts, Australian Minister for Defence Kevin Andrews announced today. “I expect the vessels will be refitted and ready for hand over in May 2015,” Andrews said.

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“The Landing Craft will greatly improve the Philippines’ ability to respond to natural disasters by enabling heavy equipment and large amounts of aid to be moved to affected areas,” the Defence Minister added.

HMAS Tarakan and Brunei will be commissioned to Philippine Navy to provide additional intra-theatre sealift capability.

According to the statement released by Australian government, Philippine government is also considering to purchase remaining three decommissioned Landing Craft Heavy, the former HMAS Wewak, Betano and Balikpapan.

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