President Aquino: If peace process fails, sacrifice made by SAF would be wasted

“The members of the SAF lost their lives while fulfilling their duty to maintain the peace. If the peace process fails, if we return to the status quo, or if the violence were to worsen, is this not the exact opposite of the cause to which they gave their lives?” President Benigno Aquino III said in his Wednesday Message to the Nation.

“I fully sympathize with your grief. I know that this grief may be accompanied by worries about your future, especially if your loved ones who sacrificed their lives were also your breadwinners,” the President said.

“The state will give the maximum assistance it can, within the limits of the laws and rules,” he added.

He also declared Friday, January 30 as National Day of Mourning. “If possible let us extend our utmost support to the bereaved, and maximize the help we can give to the families of those who fell, in recognition of the valor of these heroes who gave their lives for the realization of the peace we have long desired,” he appealed to public.

“Let us ensure that the ultimate sacrifice made by some members of the Special Action Force does not go to waste.”