Aquino enumerates how Moro rebels could demonstrate sincerity in peace process

“At this point in time, I am very, very confident that they are studying exactly how to demonstrate their sincerity in this peace process,” President Benigno Aquino III told reporters after he delivered his address regarding the Mamasapano clash in Maguindanao.

The president also enumerated actions that Moro Islamic Liberation Front may do to prove their sincerity to the peace process. “Recovery of the firearms; identification of the people who actually did the acts; recovery of personal effects and things like that, I think, will be reasonable to expect from them.”

He added that “they have areas under their control in this particular area of Maguindanao” and it will be helpful if they will step aside to give way for the operations against Usman.

However, Aquino does not want the peace process to be derailed. He said that the peace process in Mindanao is anchored on Bangsamoro Basic Law. “If this law is kept from being passed at the soonest possible time, the peace process will be derailed.”

“If that happens, we cannot hope for anything but the same results: Citizens who take to the mountains after losing hope; individuals kept from gaining justice who instead choose to exact violence on their fellowmen. It would be as if we helped Marwan and Usman to reach their goals,” the president said on his speech.