Moro Islamic Liberation Front: Pass BBL now to prevent more complications

“Proceeding and passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law is the only option open to all of us now. Any hesitancy breeds more complications,” Moro Islamic Liberation Front said in an editorial posted on its official website calling to pass the said law ‘now’.

“Never mind the detractors, obstructionists, and even outright spoilers; they are always part of the whole journey. It is better to appreciate their inseparability to the process rather than to accumulate remorse in our hearts and hate them, especially if done openly,” the Muslim rebel group further says in the editorial.

It added that 625 dialogues and consultations were done but “the truth is that it is impossible to talk to and consult everyone in this country.”

“If these leaders of people are real and responsible, they should not wait to be consulted but instead they should and must seek for a dialogue themselves. National interests demand of us to set aside our egos and work for the common good.”