Senate issues ultimatum for Mayor Binay, et al to avoid arrest

“I am issuing a final call on Mayor Junjun Binay and other concerned officials of Makati City to respect and heed the summons of the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee for them to appear at the hearings being led by Senator Koko Pimentel,” Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair Senator TG Guingona III said in a statement released by Senate.

The call was made to avoid possible issuance of arrest order for Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and other officials. “I want to make it clear to all parties concerned that there are rules, procedures and precedents that pertain to the continued refusal by persons being summoned by the Committee to attend its hearings,” the senator added.

“The Committee cannot and will not tolerate the refusal of such parties to obey its summons. Let it be clear that it is within the power of the Committee to order their arrest and detention.

“This is a final call.

“The Mother Committee shall meet on Monday to decide on an appropriate next move. It is also my hope that Mayor Binay would have taken the more prudent step of heeding and respecting the summons by then,” Senator Guingona noted.