China: Small countries should not make unreasonable demands

“China always maintains that all countries, regardless of the size, are equal. We are against the bullying of small countries by big countries. At the same time, we also believe that small countries should not make unreasonable demands,”

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Chinese Foreign Ministry said in response to United States Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel’s statement during a press conference for Fifth Philippines-United States Bilateral Strategic Dialogue which ended January 21.

“We believe bigger nations can’t bully the small,” Russel told the press yesterday in Manila. He noted that China’s aggressiveness in the region is an ongoing concern for all parties “that rely on freedom of navigation and sea-lanes and the principle of unimpeded and lawful commerce.”

Philippines initiated an arbitration under the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to solve maritime dispute in West Philippine Sea. Decision is expected to be made approximately six months after presentation of oral arguments on July. China refused to participate.

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