Manny Pacquiao goes to Twitter: I can easily beat Floyd Mayweather, I believe that

“I can easily beat Floyd Mayweather, I believe that,” these are the opening words of Manny Pacquiao on his Twitter account for a series of aggressive statements meant to get Mayweather into the ring.

“If you really care about the fans, you will fight. If you care about yourself… you won’t fight,” the Filipino boxing icon then added. “Everyone had me as a big underdog to Oscar DeLa Hoya too. If Floyd Mayweather fights me, boxing will get an even bigger upset victory.”

Pacquiao’s camp gave Mayweather until the end of this month to finalize the May 2 bout. If contract remains unsigned Manny Pacquiao will move on to next possible opponent.

With all the deadline and pressure, Mayweather waters down Pacquiao’s ‘say’ in the said negotiation. “It’s not Pacquiao, it’s his promoter. A lot of times, when Pacquiao says, ‘I agreed’ – you don’t have nothing to do with this; you’re not a boss. On a chess board, you’re a pawn,” Mayweather told Shade 45 Radio in an interview.