Poor Filipinos got gargantuan share of 2015 National Budget

“To ensure that the Administration can properly reach out to the country’s poorest, we had to ensure sufficient funding support for programs under our agencies on the front lines of poverty reduction,” Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad said. Social Services or anti-poverty budget in the P2.606-trillion 2015 National Budget gets a gargantuan share of P952.7-billion or 36.6 percent of the total budget.

“We built this Budget around the idea that no one, especially the poor and the vulnerable, should be left behind,” President Aquino said of the 2015 National Budget.

One of the primary program of the government is the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or the Four Ps. In this program, the DSWD provides conditional cash grants to at least 4.3 million extremely poor households around the country with a budget of P62.3-billion.

Another program is the social pensions for 939,609 indigent senior citizens aged 65 years and above. This program gives monthly pensions P500 to indigent senior citizens.

“The budget allocation for social protection is part of the Administration’s investment in the people, who are ultimately the country’s most invaluable resource. From creating more jobs for our growing population to ensuring the well-being of the poorest and most vulnerable, the National Government is resolved to improve the quality of life of our citizens,” Abad said.