PNP: ‘Diaper Patrol’ unfair portrayal of policemen

Just after Pope Francis left the country, photos and video of individuals disguising police officers who are helping secure the leader of the Roman Catholic church and millions of Filipino people present in papal events are gaining attention from social networking sites users. Individuals in photos and video, wearing blue polo-shirt and cup with logo, are called Diaper Patrol – a “social experiment”.

Philippine National Police expresses dismay over the said social experiment. “Policemen do not wear diapers. It is an unfair portrayal of policemen who worked hard under the sun and rain to ensure the safety of the Pope and the devotees who came to see his Holiness,” PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Wilben Mayor told

The PNP spokesman requested the pubic to focus on the success of the papal visit and not on negative side.

Project Awesome Philippines, the group behind the social experiment, said that the goal of their experiment was met. “We advise the government to increase the portalets for major Philippine events as 12 portalets can’t accommodate 6 million Filipinos including the officers.”