Aquino on Pope’s call to end corruption and poverty: We’re on to it since day one

After the send-off ceremony for Vatican City’s head-of-sate and world leader of Roman Catholic church Pope Francis, President Benigno Aquino III told the media that the government is addressing corruption and poverty since he assumed the presidency. “That’s what we are doing since day one.”

Pope Francis told government officials during his speech in Malacanang to shun corruption. “Reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor, and to make concerted efforts to ensure the inclusion of every man and woman and child in the life of the community.”

Aquino said that campaign against corruption will never stop. He added that everything must undergo right process, because the ultimate measurement of democracy is not how you fight for the rights of your friends but how you defended for the rights of your enemy.

The President emphasized that corrupt individuals are enemy of the state, however, all must be on the right process for everything to get in place and for veracity.