Man walked for 36 days just to have a glimpsed of Pope Francis

A 66-year-old man, Antolin Adlawan, did something sacrificial just to see the world leader of Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis. He walked approximately 650 kilometers, Google Maps estimates, passing eight cities and thirty-two towns of four Philippine regions, from Bukidnon, to reach Tacloban City for the leader’s pastoral visit.

He said, through different media interviews, he spent the Christmas Season walking and staying at different churches to make it on time for the said visit. The entire journey lasted for 36 days.

One of his main source of determination is his daughter who is staying alive despite of leukemia. He said her daughter was spared from possible death after he undergo several crucifixion. Walking to see the Pope is one of his way to thank God in saving his daughter.

Pope Francis was in Tacloban and Palo, Leyte today amid storm signal due to Tropical Storm Amang. His trip to Leyte was shorten due to the bad weather. “I have to go now,” the Pope told his audience at Palo Cathedral at around 12 noon. “I am truly saddened because I have something prepared especially for you.”