Communist founder against former AFP chief as negotiating panel chair

Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Maria Sison believes if President Benigno Aquino III is serious in pushing for the peace negotiations he will choose a more suitable and better chairman of the government’s peace panel to negotiate with the communist.

Former Armed Forces of the Philippine chief and retired General Emmanuel Bautista is reportedly positioned to chair the negotiating panel for the government. “Many are saying that this is going to be an insult to National Democratic Front of the Philippines and entire revolutionary forces if Bautista will be tapped by Aquino as panel chairman, in a point that the retired general claims he is the brain behind Internal Peace and Security Plan: Bayanihan,” Sison said in an interview.

Sison, who is now the Chief Political Consultant of NDFP Negotiating Panel, adds it is known to NDFP that the retired general has a strong military ideology and the general has no other goal than to see the surrender of NPA.

“While there may be a myriad of threats to our internal peace and security, it is very clear that the Filipino nation can address these challenges through the concerted and united efforts of all stakeholders,” says in the Internal Peace and Security Plan document.