Shipyard in Cebu launches first state-of-the-art bulk carrier

Shipyard Tsuneishi Heavy Industries Cebu Inc. based in Cebu, Philippines with head office in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan has launched its first TESS58 AEROLINE. The premium class vessel is a D/W 57,500 MT type Bulk Carrier equipped with state-of-the-art AEROLINE technology that reduces wind resistance.

The wind resistance reduction technology, AEROLINE, combines the cut-corner design for the accommodation corner in previous models with a newly developed streamlined shape for the fore upper bow, for a 10% reduction in wind resistance. The fore upper bow has been rounded, giving the ship a stylish streamlined design.

The vessel is powered by Generator Engine Waste Heat Recovery Unit-2, TOP-GR-3 propellers for lower vibration and higher propulsion efficiency, and FAIS-4 which boosts the engine’s fuel efficiency through direct intake of cool outside air.

TESS58 AEROLINE is 190 meters long. It has a service speed of 14.5 knots.