Touching the Pope gives no additional blessing

“You don’t have to literally touch the pope. You don’t have to be an inch near him because once you see the pope,” Executive Director of Catholic Media Network Fr. Francis Lucas said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel.

“The way he looks at you and the smile that he gives, for me that is sufficient because the blessing goes through the walls, goes through the air and goes to your heart. It travels fast. What is important is to see his face personally,” Lucas adds.

This advise from priest aims to make sure that members of the Catholic church who will go out to see the Pope in several events will not breach security lines.

The Philippine National Police believes the cooperation of the public is one of the most important factors in securing the Pope Francis. “We appeal to the public for their understanding and cooperation in security measures that are being implemented by the police,” says PNP OIC Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina.